What a GREAT family! These four generations were together for an the anniversary of the two who started it all. What a great memory! I had so much fun shooting them, all 23 of them!

My Babes....

Jessica and Ryan as such a sweet couple and you can tell how in love and how much fun the have just being together simply by looking at their engagement pictures. It was effortless for me to show the love when it runs out so easily!


Sai Stuart Prasad, he was named for the temple his parents were wed in- how great is that! He's a spunky little man who likes it lively and moving all the time! I hope to see him often as he grows!


Sexy Susan... so much fun shooting every time we get a chance to work together! More much more in the future I hope! Thanks again Susan!


Jeri, Joe and.... coming soon! So much fun shooting Jeri, Joe and their big fluff ball dog! I can't wait to meet their little one!


Close Cuts for Cancer

Dionne and her family all shaved their heads for Close Cuts for Cancer... impressive!