Past Clients

Did you have a sitting in 2008 or earlier? 
Affinity Photography is selling FULL RIGHTS to all 2008 or older sittings. Contact me for more information!
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The Last of 3 Sittings

We were finally able to get together to finish off our sitting set!  After a long winter of waiting for the new house, many MANY sicknesses and crazy schedules we made an evening work and it was perfect!

This was the final print Lorin ordered... LOVE it!


Christa... just for fun!

I love, l-o-v-e, LOVE photo shoots that are just for fun!  Nothing better than taking some fun shots of a beautiful young woman where the sky is the limit.... or at least the size of the puddle is the limit!  A few locations were inaccessible because of large piles of snow or large puddles!