Would you like a new brother or sister?

When I asked their adorable daughter if she wanted a new baby brother or a new baby sister I was very surprised by her answer. In a matter of fact three year old tone she said "a brother!"

Jeremy and Cheryl

I can't wait til the big day! Only a one month and I get to see you again! Great time catching up and finally meeting your lovely fiance!

When you meet them you are in awe...

Jill and her girls are AMAZING! Jill has been a big inspiration in my life recently and has introduced Justin and I to Feng Shui! Her energy is so positive and inspiring and her three beautiful daughters have the same energy. The only regret I have from this sitting is that we didn't get one with mom and grandma and the girls.....


a GREEN wedding

By green I mean Eco-friendly wedding. Not many of us have thought about how green or not green our wedding is going to be or was!?! Something to think about! Check out this site for some ideas on how to green your wedding!



Susan's Father's Day present...

I was very excited to get a call from Susan! She is always great to work with and her dad was just as much fun! Susan decided to get her dad a photo shoot of him and his bike for him for father's day! I hope he had as much fun as Susan and I did!


The Better Good Store

I have now had a chance to visit the Better Good Store on Broadway... WOW!

First of all we were there just after 8PM and they close at 8. The amazing store owner saw us peak in the window with the kids and he came over and unlocked the door and let us in. He invited us to take a look around even after the store was closed! He was very friendly and you could tell by his smile and his welcoming gestures that he really loves what he is doing! Him and his wife have opened this store to give us a place to find some of the things we need but are really truely good for us!
Everyone needs to stop in and support this local family!


Definately a must go!


Erika and Derek in Candle Lake

This deer and another one were peacefully eat from the bushes at the edge of the road as we all drove by after the ceremony. They were almost close enough to touch! Absolutely no zoom used here!

A few kind golfers allowed us to borrow their clubs and balls for photos! Big thanks to those golfers as these weren't possible without them!

A perfect "destination" wedding spot! The goft resort is beautiful, has amazing food and the locations for photographs were endless!