Baby #2

Krista, Blair and Delainey!  SO MUCH FUN!  By the time Delainey's little body had processed all the sugar we were almost done!   I'm very excited to meet their new little one.... any day now!

Belly number one, meet belly number two!  This ad is of Krista's first pregnant belly.... so cute to see them both at the same time almost the same size!


Isabella was the sweetest 1 month old that didn't really want to have her little self layed out on display!  It was the cutest thing how those towels made her so upset but the cuddly blanket was just right!

What a GREAT couple!

I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year!  It's going to be a great day!

Great Family Connection

I did a sitting of a sweet 6 month old that was followed a few weeks later by a family sitting.  Each sitting went so well and that isn't a regular thing when you put a camera infront of a 6 month old and then throw a dog into the mix!  Great family and the boys sure do love their new little sister!