Calyniuk Family Sitting

Beautiful family, beautiful home... great results!


A great family to work with...

I have worked with Curtis and Stephanie a few times before and I was very excited to get to work with them again. They have been great clients and I hope you're happy with the results! It was great to meet the "other side" of the family. Having met both of your families I can see why you are such great people!


Tracy & Billy

A perfect day in September for a wedding! And what a great day it was! I wish you the happiest of marriages as you spend the rest of your lives together!


Fabulous Day!

At the wedding show my major booth prize was FREE... yes free... Basic Coverage! I couldn't have wished for a better couple to win the free wedding coverage! Ashley and Brad and their entire bridal party were GREAT to work with. All so fun spirited and genuinely happy! I wish Ashley and Brad many many years of love and happiness.