Fabulous Day!

At the wedding show my major booth prize was FREE... yes free... Basic Coverage! I couldn't have wished for a better couple to win the free wedding coverage! Ashley and Brad and their entire bridal party were GREAT to work with. All so fun spirited and genuinely happy! I wish Ashley and Brad many many years of love and happiness.


Krissy and Paul

Blessed yet again to attend a beautiful wedding at a beatiful location! My cousin and her new hubby were married in the most beautiful place in Mission, B.C. The owners of this place are amazing and are friends of their family.

This was a great visit with so many from my own family and a fantastic holiday! Krissy and Paul I hope you have many MANY years of the love I have seen between you, the laughter I was a part of while we were there and many more life long adventures!

I have also posted some pictures from our family trip that was all part of the "working holiday"! The holiday was finished off with a celebration with the McLay-Sparrow family. The little pink cabin has been in our family for 50 years! YES 50!!! What a great place to celebrate.... so many amazing memories for all of us!