My first OFFICIAL Trash the Dress Session!

I had so much fun shooting Kim and Tyler again and we got so many great shots I couldn't pick so here's ALL my favorites!


Nora and Drew

Nora is one of the cutest little girls I've ever met! Her little personality is so adorable and her little curls could get her out of any trouble with me! haha And her little brother Drew is full of mischeif! He's so sweet when he smiles his big smile he melts my heart.. but those big crocodile tears break it too!



Meghan and Shane have been GREAT friends of ours for the past few years and we're so excited to see them become parents and watch their little man grow! It's hard to believe that Sully is 6 months already!!!



Haven's mom and dad have been friends of ours for years.... they both worked with my husband Justin until Derek moved onto another job. They then bought one of our Saskatoon homes from us... making it their first home! Great friends who will now be GREAT parents! Thanks for allowing me the chance to photograph your little angel Haven Quinn!